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244. 3 Clause 3; Select Charters, ed. , Oxford, 1913), p. ' Cf. Close Rolls of the Reign of Henry III, 12371242 (London, 1911), pp. 482-3. S. Writs, pp. 259, 260 (Anglo-Saxon and Latin versions of the writ). The writ is seemingly spurious. , p. 476. ooks/Hollister. 1 They must be able to return to their homes by nightfall. If the king should lead them farther, he is obligated to pay them wages. In short, if their service goes beyond that of local defence, the burghers of Swansea cease to be members of the great fyrd and become mercenaries.

100; ii. 810-11, 1273; see above, p. 32 n. 3. , London, 1898-1913), ii. no. , consists of leading the vanguard of the royal army when it advances into West Wales and the rearguard when it returns. Cf. ibid. ii, no. 477, and Bk. of Fees, ii. 863. ooks/Hollister. 2009 22:46:06 page_34 < previous page page_34 next page > Page 34 The exact basis of this frontier military obligation is by no means clear. It seems to have been shared by tenants in thegnage, drengage, and cornage, three ancient and obscure types of land tenure which are exceptionally difficult to distinguish from one another.

B. i. 56b: `Si rex mittebat alicubi exercitum de quinque hidis tantum unus miles ibat, et ad eius victum vel stipendium de unaquaque hida dabantur et iiii solidi ad duos menses. ooks/Hollister. 1 The Berkshire passage does not tell us how the warrior-representative was selected. Vinogradoff and others have suggested the possibility of some system of rotation,2 but there is good reason to believe that the same man usually served on every campaign. 4 This system harmonizes with our general concept of the select fyrd as an army of relatively well-trained and well-equipped warriors; it would surely produce a considerably more seasoned force than could possibly be provided by any system of rotation, and one can easily understand why the Anglo-Saxons might prefer to hold one particular man responsible for the military duty of his five-hide unit.

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