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By Norman Mailer

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Norman Mailer's dazzlingly wealthy, deeply evocative novel of old Egypt breathes lifestyles into the figures of a misplaced period: the eighteenth-dynasty Pharaoh Rameses and his spouse, Queen Nefertiti; Menenhetet, their creature, lover, and sufferer; and the gods and mortals that encompass them in intimate and telepathic communion. Mailer's reincarnated protagonist is carried during the beautiful gardens of the royal harem, alongside the majestic movement of the Nile, and into the terrifying conflict of conflict. a rare paintings of inventiveness, old Evenings lives on within the brain lengthy after the final web page has been grew to become.

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T he orig inal struc ture was bu ilt by Arncn hote p I and was ad ded to by H at sch epsut and Thu trnosc III who for me d it into a sm all, grac eful tem ple (P lan 14 A) . Rams es I II built an unusual en trance structure (B ) which took the place of the regu lar entra nce pylon and por tals of stone . This str uct ure is known as th e Pavilion, th e nam e give n by th e F rench scho lars acco mpanying Napoleon . Rarnses III also bui lt a splendid mort uary te m p le (C) which is one of the best examples of th e smaller type of sanctuaries of th e time .

In the scene of th e act ual birth the qu een moth er sits on a cha ir whi ch is pla ced on a co uch held aloft by various gods . This in turn sta nds upon an other co uch also su pported by gods. The queen mother has a retinue of femal e attendants . l lathor then pr esents I Iarschepsut to Amon and the t welve kas of th e divine child ar e su ckled by twelve goddesses (k) . H atschepsut and her ka have been erase d but in th e scene at the end of the wall (I) they pass th rough th e hands of vari o us goddesses who record th e divine birth .

Some of the soldiers converse with one another. On e drinks from a wineskin. Two others quarrel. The scene to the right of this same tower shows Ramscs II seated on his th rone taking cou nsel with his princes who stand before him . Below him is a row of captur ed spies being beaten to extract information . On the sout hern tower (b) the act ual attack is shown. The entire left-hand side of the pylon shows th e battle of K adesh (as depi cred also on the pylon of Luxor temple, page 26) : Ramses I I dashes into batt le in his chariot, dead and wounded cover the ground , oth er s 88 retreat in confusion only to fall headlong into the Orontes, the Hittites take re fuge in their fortress.

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