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The Lady of Abu Simbel (Ramses, Book 4)

Saga approximately old Egypt & the robust fight among Ramses & his enemies.

Robert Fisk on Egypt: A Revolution Betrayed

Greater than the other state, Egypt epitomises the harsh disappointments of the Arab Spring. In lower than 4 years, its humans have come complete circle. A sclerotic, cynical, doubtless immovable army regime, disguised via a fig-leaf of ostensible illustration, used to be swept away on a joyous tsunami of renowned idealism; a corrupt dictator used to be ousted, attempted and jailed; unfastened elections have been held, a brand new president peacefully put in, and a brand new age of freedom and democracy appeared surely attainable.

Temple of Khonsu, Volume 2: Scenes and Inscriptions in the Court and the First Hypostyle Hall (University of Chicago Oriental Institute Publications)

This quantity completes the list of the forecourt and major hypostyle corridor of the temple of Khons in Karnak, by means of the Chicago Epigraphic Survey. We now ultimately own an entire and actual checklist of the works of Ramesses XI and Herihor there, plus a complete sequence of supplementary scenes and texts from the twenty first Dynasty (Pinudjem I; Menkheperre), a textual content of Osorkon I, dedications through Nectanebo II, and texts and scenes of Ptolemy II, IV and IX, in addition to Alexander.

Taxes, Taxpayers, and Tax Receipts in Early Ptolemaic Thebes: (The Oriental Institute Of the University of Chicago: Volume 126)

The writer lays out the early Ptolemaic tax method, describes the alterations within the capitation taxes through the reign of Ptolemy II, discusses the opposite nation and temple sales, after which reconstructs the prosopography and provenance of thirty-nine tax payers whose names happen usually in those preliminary stories.

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It is possible that the President’s primary motive for soliciting the report may have been simply to demonstrate that Egypt was not dependent for economic advice exclusively on the United States, or on international organizations in which the USA occupied a dominant position. The rapid expansion in external economic assistance raised fresh questions for policymakers on how most effectively to utilize these resources. It is convenient to discuss the major policy issues connected with external aid at this point, even though they were raised by policymakers at somewhat different times.

The next day Dubey telephoned me to say that the region’s management and the World Bank’s President, Robert McNamara, had accepted my assessment of the situation and recommendations on the Bank’s response. I was authorized to inform the government that the Bank would separate its approach from that of the Fund if the latter continued to insist on an immediate and major reduction of cost of living subsidies. I was also asked to notify the Cabinet that the Bank would hold the first meeting of the Consultative Group of aid donors if Egypt continued to move on reform, even if Egypt and the Fund failed to conclude an agreement.

He would, however, present his own views on economic strategy. The President’s response was conveyed in the 30 March 1968 Paper, which sketched out the principles of his economic strategy for the immediate future. This strategy rested on three pillars: (a) resource allocation would give priority to defense; (b) development would be maintained at a reasonable rate; and (c) subsidies and the policy of guaranteeing government employment to graduates would continue. The economic team was changed in March 1968, with Said Gaballah being brought in as the Minister of Planning.

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