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Tillmanns et al. (1974) trans­ mitted light through a 20 gauge needle inserted underneath the superficial layer of heart muscle of dogs. A system was designed to maintain the focal distance between the beating heart and the stationary microscope objective. Both investi­ gations were directed primarily toward measurements of red blood cell velocity and changes in capillary diameter in the phases of systole and diastole. Descriptrons of microvessels in the myocardium derived from fixed material have ap­ peared recently, notably by Bassingthwaighte et al.

1 8 . Capillary network in cat mesentery. ) II. Visceral Organs 43 pressure occurs in many vessels as the result of spontaneous changes in vessel diameters. A parent arteriolar vessel and a branch from it can show changes in diameter independently of one another. Precapillary branches constrict or dilate resulting in a 2 0 - 2 5 % change in diameter. Vessels extending from the arterial to the venous side that act as anatomical shunts (referred to as thoroughfare chan­ nels in some beds) are less common in the cat mesentery than in mesenteries of rat, rabbit, and dog.

33). The superior saccular artery serves the anterior dorsal quarter of the pouch wall. The inferior saccular artery branches to supply small arteries to the ventromedial surface of the pouch, and the middle saccular artery goes to the medial surface, dividing into small arteries that run parallel to muscle fibers (Hoffman et al. 1968). Examination of the everted pouch stretched across a mount gives the impression of a rather random distribution of long, straight arterial vessels and parallel large veins that have numerous branches and form many arcades or interconnections.

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