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By Carmella Van Vleet

ISBN-10: 1934670081

ISBN-13: 9781934670088

The far flung lands of the North and South Poles are tested during this revealing consultant, permitting childrens to discover the coldest locations in the world from the heat in their houses. From polar exploration and penguins to Inuit cultures and the tundra, easy but thorough reasons are supplied for various Arctic and Antarctic subject matters whereas copious vocabulary notes and enjoyable factoids increase the cloth. greater than dozen interactive initiatives and experiments—ranging from making an Inuit boat, polar undergo paw prints, a version of a puppy igloo, middle of the night rations, and snowshoes—provide youngsters an opportunity to determine polar rules in motion, with out significant grownup involvement or fancy fabrics.

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Squeeze or scoop the hair gel into your plastic dish. You can add as much or as little as you’d like. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the gel and mix it in using the craft stick. Use the craft stick to pull the gel up and create peaks of lava. Lava Supplies ❆ clear hair-styling gel ❆ red food coloring ❆ craft stick 35 Tundra Animals T he tundra is also filled with some pretty fascinating animals and birds. And each of these animals is well suited to the cold environment. They use a variety of adaptations to survive, including large size, camouflage, thick fur, specialized hooves, small ears and noses, and migration.

Be sure to cover the legs with additional layers since the jug will be heavy when it’s full of coins. 6 Allow your polar bear to completely dry. If the snout is accidentally glued to the jug, ask an adult to use a utility knife to make a seam. 7 Paint the polar bear white and give it some black eyes and a black nose. Ask an adult to help you carefully cut a slit in the top of the bear. Now, your coin collector is ready to go! 8 Once the bear is full of coins, just lift the snout out of the way, unscrew the milk jug lid and dump out the money.

When they are born, the chicks are covered in a soft fur called down. They grow feathers and get bigger very quickly. Within just a few weeks of hatching, they are almost adult-size. And by the time they are nine weeks old, they are ready to head out to sea and hunt for themselves. Around January, as the Antarctic summer starts to fade, the colony will begin its migration north to their favorite feeding areas. Adelies travel north because they don’t see well in the dark, and there are more daylight hours in the north.

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