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By Niklaus Wirth

ISBN-10: 0130224189

ISBN-13: 9780130224187

One of many vintage texts on facts buildings and algorithms! Examples are in Pascal.

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Sample text

3 illustrates how to apply the WWM to this task. 7 A bike pump being used to inflate o mountain bike tire. 3 The Wales-Woods Model Applied to a Design Problem Problem Statement ¥UN=("t)L Size a bike pump that will inflate a typical mountain bike tire in 20 strokes. 94m Redesign a bike pump to inflate a bike tire in 20 strokes. Idealize the bike tire as a volumetric region. 045 m. 003085 ml)( kg · K )(-~-) m2 287 N · m 293 K 3 = (450 X • Assume that Pinflate = 50 psig "" 450 kPa absolute. 0165kg 2.

1 (p. 4). Ideas for Idealizing Material Behavior • A microscopic viewpoint involves understanding material behavior by understanding what the molecules are doing. • A macroscopic viewpoint involves understanding material behavior \vithout the need to consider what the molecules are doing. • In the continuum assumption, matter is idealized as consisting of continuous material that can be broken into smaller and smaller parts. flows. , 1/lOOth) as compared to problem dimensions. Units and Dimensions • Dimensions and units are the basis for measurement.

Thus, this section introduces concepts that are useful for describing and characterizing viscous effects. J. (mu), is the fluid property that characterizes resistance to flow. EXAMPLE. Fluids resist being forced to flow through pipes, so pumps are added to drive the flow through the pipe. , water). EXAMPLE. Fluids resist the motion of in1mersed objects through them. A small force wilJ easily push a spoon through a bowl of water. This same force will barely move a spoon through a bowl of honey because the viscosity of honey is much higher than the viscosity of water.

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