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The Geometry of Physics and Knots

Offers with a space of study that lies on the crossroads of arithmetic and physics. the cloth awarded the following rests totally on the pioneering paintings of Vaughan Jones and Edward Witten referring to polynomial invariants of knots to a topological quantum box conception in 2+1 dimensions. Professor Atiyah offers an creation to Witten's rules from the mathematical standpoint.

Open Problems in Topology

This quantity grew from a dialogue through the editors at the trouble of discovering strong thesis difficulties for graduate scholars in topology. even though at any given time we each one had our personal favourite difficulties, we stated the necessity to provide scholars a much broader choice from which to settle on an issue bizarre to their pursuits.

Lecture Notes on Elementary Topology and Geometry

This day, the typical undergraduate arithmetic significant unearths arithmetic seriously compartmentalized. After the calculus, he's taking a direction in research and a path in algebra. based upon his pursuits (or these of his department), he's taking classes in distinct subject matters. Ifhe is uncovered to topology, it is often undemanding aspect set topology; if he's uncovered to geom­ etry, it's always classical differential geometry.

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Fox and J. Milnor suggested looking at a knot from a 4-dimensional point of view which led to the slice knot [Fox 1962]. During the last decades geometric methods have gained importance in knot theory – but they are, as a rule, no longer elementary. 1. Show that the trefoil is symmetric, and that the four-knot is both symmetric and amphicheiral. 2. Let p(k) ⊂ E 2 be a regular projection of a link k. The plane E 2 can be coloured with two colours in such a way that regions with a common arc of p(k) in their boundary obtain different colours (chess-board colouring).

Fox and J. Milnor introduced the notion of a slice knot. It arises from the study of embeddings S 2 ⊂ S 4 [Fox 1962]. 15 Definition (Slice knot). A knot k ⊂ R3 is called a slice knot if it can be obtained as a cross section of a locally flat 2-sphere S 2 in R4 by a hyperplane R3 . ) The local flatness is essential: Any knot k ⊂ R3 ⊂ R4 is a cross section of a 2-sphere S 2 embedded in R4 . Choose the double suspension of k with suspension points P+ and P− respectively in the halfspace R4+ and R4− defined by R3 .

From this it follows that l is not nullhomologous on ∂V (k). C Companion Knots and Product Knots Another important idea was added by H. Schubert [1949]: the product of knots. 7 Definition (Product of knots). Let an oriented knot k ⊂ R3 meet a plane E in two points P and Q. The arc of k from P to Q is closed by an arc in E to obtain a knot k1 ; the other arc (from Q to P ) is closed in the same way and so defines a knot k2 . 6. k is also called a composite knot when both knots k1 and k2 are non-trivial.

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