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By Ronald A. Reis

ISBN-10: 1604130385

ISBN-13: 9781604130386

This e-book tells of the contribution of African americans to the reason for the Union within the American Civil warfare. first and foremost refrained from, loose blacks and ex-slaves ultimately donned uniforms and fought in additional than four hundred battles. regardless of blatant prejudice and discrimination, they proved their valour and contributed highly to the good fortune of the Union.

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During the first year of war, Congress required the states to raise a certain number of “volunteer regiments,” with service lasting from three months to three years. Soon enough, these state militia were made part of the federal fighting force. This was done mainly so their participants could be paid from the federal treasury and so such units could cross state boundaries. There were few black regiments before emancipation, and they 53 54 african americans and the civil war were scattered and often unofficial.

P. Campbell of Trenton, New Jersey, as quoted by James McPherson. ” Still, there were those who, in spite of Lincoln’s action, were prepared to take a more optimistic view, and to see black 41 42 african americans and the civil war Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave who repeatedly returned to the South to help guide others out of bondage. Over a period of 10 years, Tubman followed the North Star and used the Underground Railroad to bring hundreds of slaves into the North and up through Canada. She was so successful, and was such a threat to the institu-­ tion of slavery, the South eventually issued a $40,000 reward for her capture.

The Planter then gained speed, lowered its Southern flags, and ran up a makeshift white flag of truce. All was not completely safe yet, though. As the Planter approached the Union fleet, it faced the ship Onward, which was blockading Charleston Harbor. A lookout on Onward shouted out that a strange vessel was approaching, most likely on a ramming mission. ” The gunners relaxed. “I thought the Planter might be of some use to Uncle Abe,” Smalls was reported to have said, as he and his “crew” transferred the ship from the Confederate States of America to the Union navy.

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