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Trtr Practice the dialogue with your panner. r) 3ala rE 3al4 1) 9o qlolE \ c,6{iq. i;; que$ions to each otherwhile oxchanging busln€ss cads l ' ,i. a h q c,eernqs & ni odu(tons 45 ang E,l L ,rf Listen carefully, and choose ihe correct Dicture. fd F'F o1t4cl 2. @zE o q'tg o elr tot Llsten carefully, 6nd choose ihe picture that besr firs ihe dlalogue. fifi ftT 3. Listen 1) maich iho person with the correct nationaliiy. El o 4. Liston carefully, and match the person with the correct occupation. q r 4 @ l Greehss & nrodudons 47 ^ Re6d the following 6nd write a parasraph introducins you6elf.

A B 3l "s $st 0 0J 0J 3otqte. "Jt ? u E lE. t^rtLrI] € rsil t * fl if? ++o. - 3al Lll a -:4. + 24, rl =zt. Lr =4. al? +l ills? ",. ,li +l 6lls? tsJg qol4. J fi +l 6ue? 17= +Ll-c. ::L:, =r '0r? =rl 1) orlL E0r=r=r |l ? lr: /=r 3or; e r) rt - Expressing movement +€ql 7le. ' wlh your padn€r, talk abouiwhsrs youte soins usins rh€ pl6ce '-r '_\lt a l ,L!

Ch oth&wherhef he/she ha3the folowlng tbhs or nor. z & ry c4 de qqe/gots Asking the name of things with demonstratives ol4=+lqle? B +l4e? / g0Lor|e, G v Describing things with demonstratives lO**, OIN N,IIN ^,1 4e -Jgq 4q4e? t4e. oNrNlN' Asking prices glHls? l"lls. ol B '{ A ot ^Iq+;lL+6 gDH-e? e. t,4b} +,^Is. a A Ho\ asr yourprnndr th6 prcd of rh€ ro owns , -*-l "== --- e1:l 9 qoqBl re nudr is oic or seG aDrs? produ*. Jqn -{ ql. {? t,0009lolol!. 14e ;lqollciilllr? tqll|? ts gE|qle? ,lo ol!.. Then lhe m€mbe6 oJ one group playlheshop owners and fie membeF ofthe othergroup p ay lhe customers.

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