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By Gary Bristow

ISBN-10: 0071396098

ISBN-13: 9780071396097

* A accomplished examine consultant offering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* beneficial properties approximately one thousand power questions (and solutions) that could be requested through the technical interview for pilot positions
* broad scope--ranges from mild airplane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of best airways around the world
* comprises interviewing information and methods

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See Q: What is longitudinal stability? ) 2. The aircraft's pitch control (rotation and flare) is increased (more responsive) because it experiences light stick forces due to the aircraft's short tail plane arm. ] This lends itself to the possibility of overstressing the aircraft by applying excessive g forces. 3. A large balancing upload is necessary from the horizontal tail plane by deflecting the elevator or stabilizer. This results in a. A decreased wing angle of attack, resulting in lower induced drag, which increases the aircraft's overall performance and range.

40 Chapter One What are Fowler flaps? , 1 to 25°. High flap settings increase drag predominately more than lift and therefore are used to lose speed and/or height, most commonly during an approach to land. What is the primary use of flaps on a jet aircraft? The primary use of flaps, especially on a jet aircraft, is to increase lift by extending the geometric chord line of the wing, which increase its chamber and area. What are the effects of extending flaps in flight? Lowering the flaps in flight generally will cause a change in the pitching moment.

Thus the opposite is also true: Forward control column movement moves the elevator control surface downward, producing an upward aerodynamic force that pitches the aircraft down. What are ailerons, and how do they work? Ailerons are control surfaces located at the trailing edges of the wings that control the aircraft's motion around its longitudinal axis, known as roll. The ailerons are controlled by left and right movement of the control column, which commands the ailerons in the following manner: Moving the control column to the left commands the left aileron to be raised, which reduces the lift on the wing, and the right aileron is lowered, which increases the lift generated by this wing, thereby rolling the aircraft into a banked condition, which causes a horizontal lift force (centripetal force) that turns the aircraft.

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