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By Moshe Shoham (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1461598877

ISBN-13: 9781461598879

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That is, it does not change its volume as a result of changes in pressure. Can maintain high moment over long period of time without damage when stopped. The main disadvantages of hydraulic drive are: * * * * Requires an expensive energy source. Requires extensive, expensive maintenance. Requires expensive precision valves. Is subject to oil leaks from the system, creating a nuisance. 17: A prismatic hydraulic drive unit Pneumatic Drive These units are similar in structure to hydraulic drives. They include: * * Pneumatic motors for revolute motion Pneumatic cylinders for prismatic motion 49 Basic Concepts Figure 3-17, which shows a hydraulic cylinder, is quite similar to a pneumatic cylinder, but with one basic difference - air, not oil, flows through the system, moving the piston and creating motion of the load.

It shows the initial position of the mechanical arm and two possible changes in the location of the end effector or in its orientation. Alternate position 1 shows a change in end effector orientation without location change. Alternate position 2 shows a change in location without orientation change. 15: Movement of a mechanical arm: (1) involving a change in gripper orientation without involving a location change, and (2) involving a gripper location without orientation change LINK CONSTRUCTION Another important factor in robot construction is the load incurred by the machine's own moving parts.

The fact that a great deal of power is needed to operate the drive units means that the computer, itself, is unable to supply this power; therefore, a driver, or amplifier, is used to increase the strength of the computer signal. The computer puts out digital signals; most of the robot actuators, on the the other hand, operate analog current/voltage levels. A digital/analog converter is required to interface between the computer signals and 57 Basic Concepts the drivers. Figure 4-2 presents a schematic diagram of the array used to activate an electric motor.

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