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By Francis McCullagh

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Though they had no motors, and though they found their guns, their ammunition, and sometimes even their rifles too heavy to bring along with them, they managed nevertheless to carry occasionally in a sleigh, which they handled with the most exquisite skill and care, a huge cylinder of motor spirit whereof some of them were mad enough to drink . After a few hours of wild hilarity many soldiers who had tasted this poison collapsed, and then fell an easy prey to the terrible Demon of the Ice, who was always on the alert, always watching for a chance to strike .

These three men were calmly disarming the large number of Russian soldiers on foot, on horseback, and in sleighs, who had been moving eastwards on both sides of the railway and on the line itself on the way from Omsk . This interminable stream of soldiers riding in the darkness and the snow was one of the many things which made this journey seem to me 21 22 CAPTURED at times a fantastic romance or a feverish dream . I used to drop off to sleep at dusk while watching the busbies of the Cossacks bobbing endlessly past the window ; every time I went out to " snow " the engine at night they were still passing ; and sometimes for a fraction of a second after I woke up from dreams of happier lands, I was uncertain whether the dream was not reality and this incredible, infinite procession the dream .

They wangled " their way into the most exclusive coupes They were a drag on the whole conduct of the retreat, and were calculated to make one a misogynist for the rest of his life . Even the Admiral, who was married and who had the reputation among his entourage of being almost an ascetic, was very weak indeed in the matter of women and wine . He led an ostentatiously religious life, attended church in great state every Sunday and holiday, and, when he addressed the " Christian Crusaders " whom he had raised to fight the Bolsheviks, spoke with a religious fervour worthy of the Archbishop of Canterbury .

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