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By John Perry

ISBN-10: 0915144530

ISBN-13: 9780915144532

It is a checklist of conversations of Gretchen Weirob, a instructor of philosophy at a small Midwestern
college, and of her acquaintances. The conversations happened in her health center room at the 3 nights
before she died from accidents sustained in a motorbike twist of fate. Sam Miller is a chaplain and a long-
time good friend of Weirob’s; Dave Cohen is a former scholar of hers.

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Yet ageing supervenes on the biochemical, for no organism can age without biochemical change. Marr, Dennett, Newell, Millikan and Pylyshyn have all defended the dea � . �at there are levels of psychological theory. I will begin with an IntuItIve sketch of the levels before considering qualifications problems ' and objections. makeable - and not at all in terms of the actual machinery for doing this work. These intentional specsz then, set a design task for the next sort of theorist. tbe representational-system designer.

So let's look at his suggestions. 4 Is There a Primitive Computational Level? So let us suppose our task is to specify the primitive operations of the mind. Our choice ought not to obscure genuinely psychological proces­ ses, by treating as a unitary step that which is complex. But nor should we treat as assembled a process that is psychologically a primitive 55 No intermediate steps The operation of transforming symbol structure A into symbol structure B is not primitive if there are representational interme­ diaries between A and B.

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