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By Thierry Aubin

This textbook for second-year graduate scholars is meant as an advent to differential geometry with primary emphasis on Riemannian geometry. bankruptcy I explains simple definitions and provides the proofs of the real theorems of Whitney and Sard.

Chapter II bargains with vector fields and differential kinds. bankruptcy III addresses integration of vector fields and $p$-plane fields. bankruptcy IV develops the proposal of connection on a Riemannian manifold regarded as a way to outline parallel delivery at the manifold. the writer additionally discusses comparable notions of torsion and curvature, and offers a operating wisdom of the covariant by-product.

Chapter V specializes on Riemannian manifolds through deducing worldwide houses from neighborhood homes of curvature, the ultimate target being to figure out the manifold thoroughly. bankruptcy VI explores a few difficulties in PDEs urged via the geometry of manifolds.

The writer is recognized for his major contributions to the sector of geometry and PDEs--particularly for his paintings at the Yamabe problem--and for his expository debts at the topic.

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B) From gyp, construct an imbedding of P"(R) into R. 41. Exercise. On C'"+' \ {0} consider the equivalence relation R defined by zl - z2 if there exists p E C, p 3A 0, such that zI = pz2. The quotient set of C'"+1 \ {0} by R is called the complex projective space Pm(C). As we did for the real projective space, we define an atlas (fl , rA) (i = 1, 2, .. , m+ 1) as follows. Let Ut be the set of points of Cni+1 \ {0} whose ate' complex coordinate is not zero, and let fl = U,/R. , -+')Ez. Vi (i) will be 1, t+1, the point f o f C- of c o m p l e x Coordinates , a) We define a subset M of P3(C) by M = {i E P3(C) I t2t3 = t1t4, (t2)2 = t1S3, (S )2 = ee} where z = ((1, g2, 3 4) E i.

In particular, if the measure of A is zero, no open set, except the null set, is included in A. Thus the interior of E = F(f1 x Lrk--0 T(n, p, k)) is empty, and we can choose A E T(n, p) not in E as close as we want to the zero matrix. 24. Lemma. Let f be a Cl -map of M, into R" (p > n). If the rank of f is equal to n on a compact set K C 91, (11, gyp) a local chart, then there exists rl > 0 such that for any C'-map g satisfying IIJ(g)II < rl on K we have f +g of rank nonK. Proof. We write J(g) for the Jacobian matrix of g.

If the rank of f is equal to n on a compact set K C 91, (11, gyp) a local chart, then there exists rl > 0 such that for any C'-map g satisfying IIJ(g)II < rl on K we have f +g of rank nonK. Proof. We write J(g) for the Jacobian matrix of g. Let 6(x) be the maximum of the absolute values of the determinants of the n x n submatrices of J(f) at x. 6(x) is positive and continuous on K; thus there exists 6 > 0 such that 6(x) > 6 for all x E K. A determinant is a continuous function of its components; therefore there is an it > 0 such that, if IIAII < +l, the matrix J(f) + A is of rank n on K.

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