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By Christopher Harper-Bill, Elisabeth van Houts

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By the point of the Conquest, the Normans have been demonstrated in Normandy for over one hundred fifty years. that they had remodeled themselves from pagan Northmen into Christian princes; their territories prolonged from England, southern Italy and Sicily to far-off Antioch, and their impression had unfold all through western Europe and the Mediterranean. Duke William's victory at Hastings and the ensuing Anglo-Norman union introduced England into the mainstream of eu historical past and tradition, with far-reaching effects for Western civilisation. those especially commissioned experiences are all for the achievements of the cross-Channel realm. They make a huge contribution to an knowing of the hundred years that witnessed nice switch and significant advancements in English and Norman govt and society. There are surveys of the 2 constituent components, of Normandy lower than the Angevin kings, of where of country and duchy within the politics and tradition of the North Sea, and of the parallel Norman fulfillment within the Mediterranean. There are overviews either one of secular management and of the church, and a examine of 'feudalism' and lordship. in the huge box of cultural heritage, there are discussions of language, literature, the writing of heritage, and ecclesiastical structure. participants LESLEY ABRAMS, MATTHEW BENNETT, MARJORIE CHIBNALL, CHRISTOPHER HARPER-BILL, ELISABETH VAN HOUTS, EMMA MASON, RICHARD PLANT, CASSANDRA POTTS, DANIEL energy, IAN brief, ANN WILLIAMS.

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25 In 923 Rollo and his warband accompanied Charles the Simple’s army on a military campaign near Beauvais. 26 This concession is usually interpreted as a reference to the region that became central Normandy, and it essentially meant that the Normans had carte blanche from the king to expand west from the Seine. Ralph may have hoped thereby to divert their attentions away from the central theater of Frankish politics. 27 In retaliation, the counts of Flanders and Vermandois, who were allies of King Ralph, defeated Rollo in battle at Eu, on the Bresle River.

103 Sheriffs were, in theory at least, king’s men, not earls’ men, responsible for the royal estates, and accountable to the king for his share (the king’s two pennies) of the profits of the shire and hundred courts. 104 They were not, however, the only link between that community and the circle around the king, for royal agents (ærendracan) could be despatched from time to time to look after the king’s interests. 105 Bishops, abbots and lay nobles are all found acting as royal envoys. 106 Both in status and function, such men resemble the eleventh-century stallers.

Mills, eds, Names, Places and People: an Onomastic Miscellany in Memory of John McNeal Dodgson, Stamford 1997, 8–18. IV Edgar 12. 122 Given the exigencies of the time, it was a comparatively united kingdom over which the Old English kings held sway, and whatever their personal failings, they had, as their Norman supplanters were to discover, considerable resources to hand. When Harold II succeeded to Edward the Confessor on 6 January 1066, he inherited the rights and powers of his predecessor. 124 His success in establishing control of the kingdom may be judged by the sequel.

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